Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Rockford Files - Backlash of the Hunter - We are stumped on this location and need your help.

In this Rockford episode it appears that they transformed this old motel into a Las Vegas wedding chapel. The second photo shows the brick wall across the street from this makeshift wedding chapel. One would presume that Valley Auto Supply is located in the Simi/Silicon Valley area of California.
Does anybody know the location of this motel?
From the comment section:
I'm confused. Wouldn't this be in the San Fernando Valley, like many Rockford Files locations, and not the Simi or Silicon valleys?

Yes, it could also be from the San Fernando Valley area...
I stand corrected and thank you!

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U.N. Owen said...

I only just discovered this (cool) site - but, I'm guessing you're not a S. Californian, as when you see the picture with the building saying 'Valley Auto Supply', the 'valley' is mist definitely (NOT!) 'located' (near either) the Simi/Silicon Valley area of California.

Those places are NORTH - closer to San Fransisco area.

The > 'valley' which the sign refers to is the San Fernando Valley, which is in the central part of Los Angeles.

The Rockford Files - nor anything else filming in the L.A. area would have a reason to film a (single) scene which is nothing more than a basic, average shot, i.e., there's nothing either required by the shot to establish the scene is in 'San Fransisco'.

Anyway, as I've just discovered this site, I'll take a look through, and I can contribute, I certainly will, as I do know a lot of the places used.