Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Rockford Files - Here is another location we need identified - Ocean Side East Cafe

Anybody know where this ocean front restaurant was?


Anonymous said...

This location also used on a episode of columbo season 2

David Collotta said...

The location was Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, California

Ted said...

Sent this to a friend..

Remember when you said at the beginning of The Rockford Files pilot that there is Columbo's car. I finally saw it again on TV. Someone here says that this was also in an earlier episode of Columbo. So it seems it is a borrowed shot from that show. But I'm thinking it isn't the Santa Monica Pier - but further south, because when the camera pans from the beach to the pier, the phone company building in SM looks like it's a ways away (as I recall, the SM pier is pretty close to the phone company). Maybe it was the old Pacific Ocean Park pier, which wiki says was demolished in 74-75 (since this shot is pre-1974)?

Ted said...

I watched it again on Hulu, and I now think that it is the Santa Monica Pier, since if it was the old Pacific Ocean Park pier - we would see the SM pier in the background. Btw, I just saw in another discussion that other posters already figured this out, as well as the Columbo episode the shot is originally from.