Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Rockford Files - Episode: Roundabout - Great shots of Las Vegas from the mid 1970's!

 Above Photo: Stardust Casino - Lido Room - Village Inn Restaurant - Gold Key Motel
Las Vegas Strip in the 1970s
AbovePhoto: El Portal Theater - Las Vegas 1970's
 Above Photo: Sabre Room at the Aladdin Casino 
 Above Photo: Seen in the background is the old Travelodge Motel which featured the Sambo's Restaurant and the Jamaica
 Wayne Newton's ranch was used in the filming of this episode, Casa de Shenandoah, is still owned by Wayne Newton and is located in Henderson NV. 

 The Whittlesea Blue Cab Co. is still in business today in Las Vegas and it still uses the same phone number of 384-6111. In this photo the cab was dropping off Jim Rockford at the Monarch Hotel which was located directly behind The Fremont and The Mint Casinos. It is no longer there, it was replaced with a large parking garage. 
 Above Photo: The Fremont, 4Queens, The Mint Casinos in Las Vegas in the 1970's
Above Photo: In this scene you can see Mike's Liquors Beer Bar, the "Q" in the name dropped down on the sign. 

ABOVE PHOTO: Actress Jesse Welles
My teenage crush appeared in this episode of The Rockford Files, Jesse Welles. I always thought she was a great actress and super beautiful! Jesse appeared in three different Rockford Files episodes.
1975-1979 The Rockford Files (TV series)
Nancy Wade / Shana Bowie / Sorel Henderson
A Different Drummer (1979) … Sorel Henderson
2 Into 5.56 Won't Go (1975) … Shana Bowie
Roundabout (1975) … Nancy Wade 

Some extra photos from this episode:

The opening scene in this episode was at a golf range. The above vehicle used to pick up the golf balls was shown. If you look closely you will see actor Luis Delgado driving it. Luis was a regular on the Rockford Files, usually playing a uniform police officer. Delgado was the brother-in-law to one of the show's producers, Roy Huggins.

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