Friday, November 9, 2012

The Rockford Files - Episode: In Pursuit of Carol Thorne (1974)

In the top image of this set you can see James Rockford (with suitcase and hat on) walking to the telephone booth. In the background is Thrifty Drug Store. Thrifty is now a Kragen store. The business is located at 842 S. Pacific Ave in San Pedro / Los Angeles, California.

Actress Lynette Mettey can be seen in these images visiting the Guillermo's Beautique and Beauty Salon. This business was once located at 522 West 9th Street in San Pedro / Los Angeles, California. The last image shows how this filming location appears as of today. In the first photo their is a little girl sitting in the back seat of a car that is traveling past this filming location. I wonder if she ever knew she was once on The Rockford Files? She has to be over 40 years old now.

In the above set of images actress Lynette Mettey played a recently released prisoner by the name of Carol Thorne. Here she is attempting to purchase or rent a car from "Drive-Away Car Rental Systems". This car lot is was located at 828 S Grand in San Pedro / Los Angeles, California. The last photo shows how this filming locations appears today.

We believe this is Peppy's Restaurant which was once located at 584 West 9th St in San Pedro / Los Angeles California. It is now the J. Trani's Restorante. Its restaurant sign can be seen in the third photo up. In my upcoming trip to the Los Angeles area the J. Trani's Resorante is one of the places I will be visiting and having dinner at. I heard it is a fantastic place!

We need a little help with this restaurant/lounge. It was decorated with all horse racing photos, ribbons and trophies. Anybody know which restaurant this once was?

Rocky walks through the parking lot of Cigo's Restaurant which was once located at 911 South Pacific Ave in San Pedro / Los Angeles California.

The very beautiful Lynette Mettey played a great role in this episode of The Rockford Files. The tough but beautiful female recently released prisoner. She truly made this episode work well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much. I'm watching this episode now and wondered about some of the locations. You have described them perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Is it the Derby restaurant in Arcadia? Always wanted to know.

James Rockford said...

I checked with the Derby restaurant in Arcadia after your posting.

They claim it is NOT.

But thank you....

Anonymous said...

Rockford files is one of my current nostalgic favorites. The footage from Guillermo's Beautique and Beauty Salon was also used in Season 1, Episode 1 of Murder, She Wrote. Just after the 8 minute mark, the exact same outdoor screenshot is used from Rockford Files.

Also, it's interesting to note that when when Carol Thorne is leaving the beauty salon, there are many differences from when she entered. The numbering on the 522 door is different. The drapes on all the windows are gone. there is metallic security tape on the windows/doors. The rock facade between the doors are in a slightly different pattern. The planters with plants are gone. Odd. Mostly odd I noticed it I suppose. Go figure.

PAUL said...

In the opening scenes on the bus departing the prison, Jim is reading a paper with a headline: "Angels lose 8th straight". The (then) California Angels lost 11 games in a row from June 30 to July 10, 1974. The "eighth straight" loss would have been Sunday, July 7, 1974. So, in theory, this scene was shot on Monday, July 8, 1974. Or close to it.