Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Rockford Files - Episode: Dirty Money, Black Light (1977) We are now reaching out to actor Craig Wesson for help with this filming location - "Seaburys College of Barbering"

Craig Wasson played the bumbling student barber Steve Watson, even cutting Angels' neck a few times with slipped scissors during the haircut at the SEABURYS COLLEGE OF BARBERING. On 5/15/2012 I sent Mr. Wasson a letter via U.S. Mail in the hopes he can help us out on the location of this barber shop.

Our newest filming location challenge! Seaburys College of Barbering. My best guess is that this barber shop was a real location but the name was changed for the filming. Based on some exterior shots of this barber shop shown in this episode, I am guessing that it was once located near the old Los Angeles Downtown area. Some where around all the old hotels.

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