Saturday, November 17, 2012

UPDATE: Rockford Files - Episode: Deadlock in Parma (1980) Parma is actually Wrightwood CA - Don Oster Realty - Wrightwood Village Realty - Tehachapi Belle Restaurant, East Valley Family YMCA in North Hollywood & More

UPDATE: Bill Anderson has pegged the location of the YMCA & Bishop Bus Stop filming location
Look below for the update

ABOVE IMAGE: A small blooper - The above images show Jim Rockford at his motel door. The room only has one entry/exit door. In one scene the door has a deadbolt lock above the doorknob and wood paneling on the wall. The next scene has the door with just a doorknob and plasterboard walls.

ABOVE TWO IMAGES: This episode is about saving the park with the bell from being sold by the city of Parma. Somebody from Wrightwood California is going to have to let me know if that really was or is such a park in their town.
 ABOVE IMAGE: The original DON OSTER REALTY in Wrightwood California. They are still listed on the Internet as being in operation.
 ABOVE IMAGE: This one we need a hand on. The bus bench says "BISHOP BUS STOP" and their is a YMCA next to the bus stop. Anybody have a clue on this one?
UPDATE: This location was identified by Bill Anderson!
5142 Tujunga Ave. North Hollywood, CA
ABOVE IMAGE: The "FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH" which also housed the "TIMBERLINE LIONS CLUB" - based on Internet information this church has since been torn down.

ABOVE IMAGE: The late great Mary Munday played the cranky old city hall clerk. 
ABOVE IMAGE: Purma Sheriff,  the late Henry Beckman, walks past the old Standard Gas Sign.
 Henry Beckman joined the Canadian military service by changing his birth date, before he was 18, and served from 1939-1945. He was among the few survivors (7%) of the Normandy invasion. Henry died in 2008.

ABOVE IMAGES: Jim Rockford inside the "TEHACHAPI BELLE" restaurant. In this scene Jim talks about how bad the food is there... so needless to say the named used for this restaurant was fictional and not the real name of this eatery.   
ABOVE IMAGE: The Purma Sheriff Office. The address on the wall is correct, 1300 Highway 2 Wrightwood CA. The Purma Sheriff sign is fictional.   
ABOVE IMAGE: As always the Rockford Files has a beautiful actress in this episode - Sandra Kerns played a news reporter by the name of Carrie Osgood
ABOVE FOUR IMAGES: A trip in time gone by in Wrightwood, California. What a beautiful town. I am placing this location on my travel wish list!



Anonymous said...

Interesting note. The "Standard" station was actually a "Chevron". the sign was changed for the filming of the Rockford Files. As many will know, Standard Oil stations were company owned, and Chevron stations were privately owned. This station was owned privately by several people, to include: Mike Priestly, Bob Wiedeg, Larry Edgington, Nordy Grenrood, Ray Resik and the last owner was Gary Burns.

Long time residents will recall each name for the station as being: Mike's Chevron, Bob's Chevron, Larry's Chevron, Nordy's Chevron, Holiday Foods Chevron and Gary's Chevron.

Who am I? I worked for everybody, except for Mike.

James Rockford said...

Thanks for the update & info!