Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Rockford Files - Episode: Lions, Tigers, Monkeys and Dogs (1979) Gene's Auto Sales, Western Costume Rentals, Florist Artist, Juliana Flowers, Baja Cantina Restaurant - Vintage Venice & Marina Del Rey California

ABOVE TWO PHOTOS: I believe this is the only Rockford Files episode that has a woman older that James Garner playing a love interest of his. The beautiful Lauren Bacall was born in 1924 where as James Garner was born in 1928.
The above images are from the filming location directly outside Western Costume Rentals located at: 11041 Vanowen Street, San Fernando Valley, CA
 ABOVE & BELOW PHOTOS: The 1700 Block of Ocean Park Blvd
Above is the image from the Rockford Files (1979) in which you can see Marty's Liquor located at 1736 Ocean park Blvd.
BELOW: Today - Marty's Liquor has changed its name to Marty's Gourmet Wines.
 ABOVE TWO IMAGES: Jim Rockford and Kendall Warren (Lauren Bacall) leave a florist shop.
The florist shop in 1979 was Juliana Flowers located at 2318 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, CA.
As of recently it was Florist Artist Flower Shop.
The Standard gas station across the street is still located there expect for much more modern Chevron signs.
ABOVE THREE PHOTOS: The Baja Cantina Restaurant & Bar located at
311 Washington Boulevard, Marina Del Rey, CA
The top two images were from 1979 Rockford Files episode and the photo directly above is of recently (2011).
 ABOVE PHOTO: Not the first time Gene's Auto Sales was in a Rockford Files Episode...
It was also in the two part episode titled GEARJAMMERS.
Gene's Auto Sales was located at 220 S Victory Blvd Burbank, CA.
Ross Reynolds Fiat Auto Sales was located across the street.

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